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Burns Dinner The Pavilion, Chester Race Course Saturday the 30th January 2016

Saturday the 30th January 2016

If the St Andrews Ball is the Association’s premier occasion for Association member’s families then the Burns Night is the most popular event in the Association Calendar. This year was no exception and on a cold January evening, over two hundred members and their guests gathered in the Pavilion Suite to attend Chester Caledonian’s 131st Celebration of the birth of Scotland’s national bard. The proceedings began when Fraser Fowlie piped in the top table guests before everyone settled down to eat. Frank Wood made a fine job of the traditional address to the haggis in the middle of an excellent meal.

The speeches are an integral part of Burns Night and the assembled company were treated to presentations of the highest standard. Following on in the long tradition of eminent speakers, Dr Joseph Morrow, the Lord Lyon of Scotland, gave an excellent Immortal Memory with just the right combination of fact and entertainment. Indeed all the speakers contributed to a memorable collection of speeches.

Once again, we were fortunate that outstanding fiddler, Paul Anderson, had made the long trip down from Aberdeen to entertain us. The vocal fireworks were provided by Mr Richard Morrison and the combination of voice and fiddle meant that traditional Scots music has never sounded better.

The evening closed with Auld Lang Syne and two hundred happy souls wandered out into the crisp Chester air after a most enjoyable evening. Congratulations to everyone involved in organising this massive event with a special mention for Scott Lindsay who ensured that it all ran like clockwork.

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