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It’s a really tough life being a member of the Chester Caledonian Committee – we just had to taste s

Yes, it’s a real trial maintaining the high standard of decorum needed to be on the Chester Caledonian Committee. Witness, these three stalwarts enjoying the hospitality of the Scottish Malt Whisky Society at their tasting at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Liverpool on Friday 21st of February.

The SMWS sells whisky to their members that comes from a single cask (this means they have an unique flavour and when all the bottles form that cask have been drunk, it is no more) and is at cask-strength (ca. 60%) rather than the usual 40% in normal blends and single-malts.

President Sandy McLennan, David Murdoch and Rob Marrs had a great evening sampling a range of six really excellent drams, including one from India. The first was deemed “very good”, the second “very, very good” and the sixth was sublime!!! .

Interspersed with the whiskies was an excellent meal of Chicken Diane, which helped to refresh the taste buds, and sober us up a bit.

Great night, see Malt Whisky Society’s website for details of other tastings

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