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Chester Caledonian Association

Welcome to the Chester Caledonian Association. Founded in 1884, it is one of the oldest Scottish societies in England



We are open to everyone. Our members live in the Chester area and are of Scottish descent or enjoy an interest in Scotland and its culture. Together with our fellow Cestrians, we celebrate Scottish traditions on appropriate occasions throughout the year. 


These events are very sociable and consolidate the fellowship and good company which underpin our Association, as well as generating funds for the benefit of Scottish and local charities.


If you would like to share your interests through our programme of social events then please join us.


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Our Aims


To maintain and foster Scottish traditions and culture in the Chester area.


  • To provide opportunities and organise social events which promote interest in the language, literature and music of Scotland, and all the best elements of good fellowship.

  • To support charitable organisations which seek to preserve and promote Scottish culture and which provide help to the needy in both Scotland and in Chester and district.

Charities we support


For many years, we have raised funds through our activities and events, which have benefited a number of charities, both locally and Scotland based.


Since 2021, because of uncertainties around COVID we decided to support one charitable donation each year, selected by the President. In 2023 we are supporting:

Hearts+Balls -  supporting rugby players impacted by serious injury or illness. Hearts + Balls came into being with the aim of ‘helping rugby help its own"

In memory of Dougie Scott, committee member who sadly passed away in 2023, avid Rugby fan and committed charity fund raiser. He sold a lot of the flags (see below) in aid of My Name'5 Doddie, Hearts+Balls and the Murrayfield Injured Player's Foundation 

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