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Members enjoy the company of their fellow members and guests at the various events throughout the year. These provide opportunities to entertain and be entertained in music, song and story in traditional style.



The conditions are not stringent!


“I, being Scottish, or of Scottish descent or having an association with, or interest in the land and its culture, hereby apply for membership of Chester Caledonian Association”


A Scottish family background, or strong association, affinity or affection for the land, its people and culture is enough.


Applications should be proposed and seconded by members (help will be given if needed) and will be considered by the Committee.


Annual Subscription

Membership costs £10 per year.


Application requires consent to your details being held by the Chester Caledonian Association so that the Association can contact you about events and the provision of other information. This information will not be passed on to third parties or used in any other way.

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